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The Suzuki Jimny Series has a very long & rich heritage dating back to 1970. Out of its 50 year history, over 20 of them involve the third generation Jimny. In this blog, we explore Suzuki Jimny history, with the third generation model at the centre.

The third generation Jimny, launched back in 1998, lasted until 2018 before being replaced by the current model. In fact, the third generation Jimny is currently still manufactured and sold, albeit only in Brazil.

With over 20 years of history, surely the third generation Jimny has loads of interesting stories to tell. In this blog, we’ll be going through them one by one. From the various model types ever made, to special stories and trivial facts, we have them all in store for you.

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Suzuki Jimny History - The Third Generation

The Origin:
Jimny Wide / Jimny JB33

The Ultimate Kei 4×4:
Jimny JB23

A Continuous Evolution:
Jimny Wide / Jimny Sierra / Jimny JB43

The Jimny Diesel:
Jimny JB53

The Brazilian Jimny /
Suzuki Jimny in Brazil

The Soft Top Jimnys:
Jimny Cabrio / Jimny 4Sun / Jimny Canvas

Suzuki Jimny Rebadged:
Mazda AZ-Offroad / Chevrolet Jimny

Special Stories

Top 10 List:
The Best Suzuki Jimny Special Edition Models

The Production Sites:
Where is Suzuki Jimny Made?

Jimny vs Jimny Sierra:
What is The Difference Between Jimny & Jimny Sierra?

Suzuki Jimny Pick Up Conversions From All Over The World

The Lifelong Rivalry:
Suzuki Jimny vs Mitsubishi Pajero Mini

The Chinese Copies:
Unlicensed Suzuki Jimny Clones From China

The Concept Cars:
The Long & Hard Road to The Fourth Generation Suzuki Jimny

The Lesser-Known Predecessor: The Coil-Sprung Suzuki SJs

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